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Jason and Scott discuss various aspects of wargaming...

Jason and Scott return with a review of Victory Point Games's Napoleonic 20 Series, with a specific look at Waterloo 20.

Also, for those of you interested, stay tuned after the end music for the full WBC recap.


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After a long hiatus and some technical difficulties, Jason and Scott bring you a Moritz and ASLSKFan driven episode. This episode features Moritz talking about the frustrating exceptions that are a staple of wargame rules design. And ASLSKFan gives an excellent interview with Chas Argent, contractor to MMP for ASL designs.

Enjoy! And it shouldn't be too long before the boys are back!
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In this mega-super-sized episode (3 1/2+ hours!), Jason and Scott cover all those things they need to before heading off to WBC. They respond to some feedback (and offer some tactical advice), discuss their recent gaming (including Pseudocon), and discuss their respective WBC schedules. Jason interviews Alan Emrich, a legend in wargame design, about his history in gaming, Victory Point Games, his teaching, and his history in computer gaming. Then Moritz lays down a call to all wargame designers and Jason and Scott weigh in. What's NOT in this show??? The only thing they don't do is fit their show in its normal 2 hour time frame!
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In this episode, the boys offer their opinion on Rick Young's latest design, FAB Bulge. They also divide wargames into three levels (Strategic, Battle, and Tactical Games) and discuss what they see as the differences in these three levels. The best two hours in gaming is back!

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In this episode, Jason and Scott answer feedback and discuss the issues it raises: the definition of monster game, the difference between point to point maps and area maps, and the various problems bringing online versions of War of the Ring to realization. ASLSKFan discusses (and reviews) the latest in his list of air war games, Wings of War: Dawn of War. And Moritz gives us some German wargaming history and discusses a fascinating hybrid - not of Euro and wargame, but of LARP and wargame?


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In this Episode, Jason and Scott work through a bit of feedback and offer their review of the innovative GMT release, Manoeuver. Jason also talks to Manoeuver's designer, Jeff Horger. Moritz offers up one of the best solitaire wargames ever designed and  ASLSKFan discusses at length an air wargaming classic. The Best Two Hours in Gaming is back!


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In this super-mega-sized episode, Jason and Scott discuss Prezcon and their many victories (okay, Scott discusses his victories and Jason discusses something else). They also answer some feedback. ASLSKFan contributes a piece about B-17 and the upcoming B-29, Moritz talks about the passing of a gaming legend, and Jason interviews Rick Young about all things Engulfed (Antartica Engulfed?), all things FAB and all things Lemmings (along with a sprinkling of Detroit Tigers). They finish with what might be the last of the Gamer Rules?
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In their latest episode, Jason and Scott talk by phone about the Boardgame Players Association's Winter Activation meeting. Scott shares his performance, his encounters, and his opinions about this annual card-driven wargame convention. Jason and Scott then offer up contributions from their favorite Bavarian, Moritz, who talks about the fantasy game Divine Right, and a new mini-series offered by point2pointsource.com's own ASLSKfan, Mark Zielenski. Jason has an extensive interview with John Kranz of Consimworld about the history and ideas behind the website, his opinions on other websites, his gaming tendency's, and the dream that is the Consimworld Expo. They close the Best Two Hours in Gaming with a new, listener-inspired Gamer Rule. Enjoy! 

Please note three sound issues with this episode: Jason's phone discussion with Scott has a voice modulation issue early on. ASLSKfan's first contribution is a bit staticky. And toward the end of the John Kranz interview, a mysterious hum pops up for about 5 minutes. Is this due to the jamming equipment of the Eurogame Empire, or is it Jason's relative inexperience at sound editing and recording? You decide!

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In this long-awaited (and -unexpectedly- long delayed), Jason and Scott answer some feedback, and defer on some other feedback. Moritz weighs in on a classic dungeon crawl/fantasy melee wargame and offers, along with a listener, a great site for solo gamers. Then, Jason talks to the man behind Valley Games, Kevin Nesbitt about the wargames Valley is putting out and planning to put out. All this and a Gamer Rule, too? This episode is definitely worth the wait!

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