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This was supposed to be the holiday buying guide for 2011. Well, it's a bit late! Let's call it Holiday Buying Guide 2012. Or maybe Gift Card buying guide. Any way, Joe, TJ and Jason discuss gifts for the discerning gamer. And Joe has a surprise entry in the wargame category!

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Ummm...you missed a spot! Okay, Jason actually missed a whole month! But he is back with his report of WBC 2011, along with his monthly (okay, for the most part) coverage of feedback and the news in wargaming. 

And Chad offers a review of a game that takes place in a land that Grimnir himself might enjoy: Conquest of Nerath. 

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In this ultramegasupersized episode, Jason interviews two figures from Historicon. The first is Walt O'Hara, who was kind enough to extend the invite to Jason and who also just happens to be the man behind the "Historical Simulations" category of the annual Games 100 (from Games Magazine). The second is convention director Bob Giglio, who has a long history with miniatures wargaming and Historicon (among other cons). Jason gets to explore that other side of wargaming, miniatures wargaming, through these interviews. Chad weighs in on the "knife-fight" that is King Phillip's War. Jason also shares all the news that fit to -- okay, most of the news that's -- All right, honestly, he covers the stories he finds interesting. Packed in with this chock-full episode are Jason and Chad's takes on the upcoming WBC, and why Jason is calling himself "Open-Gaming Guy" this summer. And what is this fascination with Middle Earth Quest? 

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In this episode, Jason lays out his rules rubric and reviews Washington's War. He also supplies another news segment and gives a rundown of the games he's been playing recently. You'd think it was a short episode, but you know how he gets when he gets a chance to talk wargames...

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In this episode, Jason goes through some feedback, opens the package from Your Move Games, and focuses on a smaller publisher for his pre-order spotlight. He also has some wargaming news, good and bad, and goes through some feedback. Add to this the standard games played, poll results and other fun at the end of the episode, and you get the best two hours in wargaming. Other than gaming itself, of course.

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Well we finally have our own web page. It is not very colorful, but it is functional. No doubt I will continue to tinker with it, but that will not change the content. Please check it out. www.point2pointsource.com
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We are very interested in receiving feedback and topics of interest from our listeners. Please feel free to e-mail us at: Point2Pointpodcast@gmail.com
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Hi, all, In the above post, I mentioned a "weekly" feature. That was a mistake. Point 2 Point, at this time, will be a monthly podcast. Our next recording session will be Feb. 19. Jason and Scott
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