Point 2 Point
Jason and Scott discuss various aspects of wargaming...

In this episode, Jason and Scott discuss their challenge the world (the world doesn't seem to be taking it) and go through some feedback, including giving some opinions about brick and mortar stores. They then talk about pre-order lists and what they are ordering and what they would like to see actually published. They close by talking about their upcoming cons - WAM for Scott and Prezcon for Jason - and play the last WBC interview, with Justin Thompson, president and director of Prezcon.

And, as always, a new gamer rule!

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Okay, this is it, the first of the wargamers' "All About" shows. Jason and Scott discuss Napoleonic Wars for a LONG time, giving a review (can you guess how many dice?) and then giving an extensive players' guide. Good for the novice and the experienced player. And, of course, a gamer rule tailored for playing the game...

Please note that this show is LONG, and if you burn it to a CD, you will need to use an MP3 splitter (Jason uses the one at http://heathcosoft.com/software/mp3trackmaker/).



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