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He did it! In his ongoing challenge to himself to publish 12 podcasts in 2011, Jason is back on track with his SECOND episode in June (just barely)! In this slightly truncated episode, Chad offers a review of Lock 'n Load's White Star Rising in his (newly named!) segment. Jason gives some wargaming news and responds to some feedback. He then discusses his recent gaming and the surprisingly limited wargaming at Pseudocon this year. He also offers his first impression of Runewars and dodges the question of "what is a wargame?" He also talks about Dominant Species and Middle Earth Quest, which he in no way considers wargames. Has the wargaming podcaster gone soft? Judge for yourself!

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This episode finds another guest reviewer submitting a segment; Chad, better known as Grimnir, offers a discussion of the Command and Colors system as a whole, along with a review of Command and Colors: Napoleonics. Jason also works through some feedback and news and discusses the games he's been playing lately. Jason also discusses an interesting geeklist that changes the lens through which we look at wargame rankings. This inspires him to look at some other ways of looking at the data. Which list best represents the best in wargaming? Be sure to check out this month's poll and offer your opinion. 

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Jason flies solo again, and can't seem to shut up! Over TWO hours in this solo ep. Jason addresses feedback where he announces the first ever CONTEST for P2P! Then he covers the last month (plus some) of news that fit to print--er--say. He also gives a rundown of things to consider when rating components, along with some "anchor" games that are examples of each "dice-level" rating. After this comes a full review of the GMT block game Hellenes. He also talks over some recent gaming (meeting New Years resolutions so far!), spotlights a pre-order from MMP (along with begging for some of his favorites to be pre-ordered) and announces a new geeklist and poll.

Enjoy! Two hours is a lot, but who can ever have enough P2P??

Send contest entries to point2pointpodcast@gmail.com

Note: Affiliated Geeklist to appear on BGG on 2/27/11

poll: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/blog/220


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Jason flies solo for this new episode of P2P. He talks about a number of games including: Hellenes, Hearts and Minds, Command and Colors Ancients, Combat Commander Pacific, and Asia Engulfed, among others. He also gives his current top ten list and his hot ten list. He introduces some new segments, including a pre-order of the month. This month he focuses on GMT's first design in the Fighting Formations series, a game focused on the Grossdeutschland Division. After the credits, you are welcome to stay tuned for an "Extra Point," a non-gaming segment that will appear from time to time after the credits.

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What? The boys are wrong? Say it ain't so!

In this episode, Jason and Scott each pick a game that they were perhaps too harsh about. For Jason, it is Combat Commander: Europe, and for Scott it is Twilight Struggle.



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Remember the good old days when Point 2 Point actually in production? Well, of course you do, because those days are BACK!

Jason and Scott give a review of Richard III and detail the gaming they have been doing in the summer of 2010, including Pseudocon XXI and WBC 2010. Games discussed include Europe Engulfed, Hellenes, Perikles, and Combat Commander, among many others. They even probe Scott's odd love of the Euro-Cooperation game, Battlestar Galactica.

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In their latest podcast, Jason and Scott discuss their time at WBC, from the people they encounter to the nice hotel across the street where they stayed. Oh, and, of course, the games. They discuss Paths of Glory, Napoleonic Wars (of course), Wilderness War, Hammer of the Scots, Crusader Rex, Warriors of God, FAB Bulge and Conflict of Heroes, among others (Pizza Box Football? Battlestar Galactica? Have the boys gone soft on us?).
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Yep, they're back. With Scott's return from his travels and Jason's slight lightening of his workload, the boys who love wargames are back and talking about the past six months in their gaming lives. They discuss Paths of Glory, Wilderness War, Napleonic Wars 2nd Edition, Hammer of the Scots and Command and Colors Ancients among others. Jason also recaps his Prezcon experience and Moritz offers a review of Pursuit of Glory, the new PoG.

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Jason and Scott return with a review of Victory Point Games's Napoleonic 20 Series, with a specific look at Waterloo 20.

Also, for those of you interested, stay tuned after the end music for the full WBC recap.


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After a long hiatus and some technical difficulties, Jason and Scott bring you a Moritz and ASLSKFan driven episode. This episode features Moritz talking about the frustrating exceptions that are a staple of wargame rules design. And ASLSKFan gives an excellent interview with Chas Argent, contractor to MMP for ASL designs.

Enjoy! And it shouldn't be too long before the boys are back!
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In this mega-super-sized episode (3 1/2+ hours!), Jason and Scott cover all those things they need to before heading off to WBC. They respond to some feedback (and offer some tactical advice), discuss their recent gaming (including Pseudocon), and discuss their respective WBC schedules. Jason interviews Alan Emrich, a legend in wargame design, about his history in gaming, Victory Point Games, his teaching, and his history in computer gaming. Then Moritz lays down a call to all wargame designers and Jason and Scott weigh in. What's NOT in this show??? The only thing they don't do is fit their show in its normal 2 hour time frame!
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In this episode, the boys offer their opinion on Rick Young's latest design, FAB Bulge. They also divide wargames into three levels (Strategic, Battle, and Tactical Games) and discuss what they see as the differences in these three levels. The best two hours in gaming is back!

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In this episode, Jason and Scott answer feedback and discuss the issues it raises: the definition of monster game, the difference between point to point maps and area maps, and the various problems bringing online versions of War of the Ring to realization. ASLSKFan discusses (and reviews) the latest in his list of air war games, Wings of War: Dawn of War. And Moritz gives us some German wargaming history and discusses a fascinating hybrid - not of Euro and wargame, but of LARP and wargame?


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In this Episode, Jason and Scott work through a bit of feedback and offer their review of the innovative GMT release, Manoeuver. Jason also talks to Manoeuver's designer, Jeff Horger. Moritz offers up one of the best solitaire wargames ever designed and  ASLSKFan discusses at length an air wargaming classic. The Best Two Hours in Gaming is back!


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In this super-mega-sized episode, Jason and Scott discuss Prezcon and their many victories (okay, Scott discusses his victories and Jason discusses something else). They also answer some feedback. ASLSKFan contributes a piece about B-17 and the upcoming B-29, Moritz talks about the passing of a gaming legend, and Jason interviews Rick Young about all things Engulfed (Antartica Engulfed?), all things FAB and all things Lemmings (along with a sprinkling of Detroit Tigers). They finish with what might be the last of the Gamer Rules?
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In their latest episode, Jason and Scott talk by phone about the Boardgame Players Association's Winter Activation meeting. Scott shares his performance, his encounters, and his opinions about this annual card-driven wargame convention. Jason and Scott then offer up contributions from their favorite Bavarian, Moritz, who talks about the fantasy game Divine Right, and a new mini-series offered by point2pointsource.com's own ASLSKfan, Mark Zielenski. Jason has an extensive interview with John Kranz of Consimworld about the history and ideas behind the website, his opinions on other websites, his gaming tendency's, and the dream that is the Consimworld Expo. They close the Best Two Hours in Gaming with a new, listener-inspired Gamer Rule. Enjoy! 

Please note three sound issues with this episode: Jason's phone discussion with Scott has a voice modulation issue early on. ASLSKfan's first contribution is a bit staticky. And toward the end of the John Kranz interview, a mysterious hum pops up for about 5 minutes. Is this due to the jamming equipment of the Eurogame Empire, or is it Jason's relative inexperience at sound editing and recording? You decide!

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In this long-awaited (and -unexpectedly- long delayed), Jason and Scott answer some feedback, and defer on some other feedback. Moritz weighs in on a classic dungeon crawl/fantasy melee wargame and offers, along with a listener, a great site for solo gamers. Then, Jason talks to the man behind Valley Games, Kevin Nesbitt about the wargames Valley is putting out and planning to put out. All this and a Gamer Rule, too? This episode is definitely worth the wait!

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In this episode, Jason and Scott respond to some feedback and discuss their recent gaming. They then offer a detailed review of GMT's Command and Colors Ancients. Jason also interviews Lys Fulda about her role at Avalanche Press, the philosophy of Avalanche, and some controversial box art. Oh, and, of course, her possible inclusion in the prestigious Greatest Women in Wargaming.

And, of course, the latest Gamer Rule.



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In this supersized (the biggest yet!) episode, Jason and Scott answer some feedback, talk about their recent games, and review Battleground: Fantasy Warfare, the card/miniatures game. Jason interviews Adam Starkweather, the man behind the International Game Series from MMP, and discusses what goes into an IGS game, the history of IGS, and where IGS is going. They also talk about the much anticipated The Devil's Cauldron. Moritz asks us to think about what in historical games is really "fantasy," and this sparks Jason and Scott to talk about historicity in games in general.

With all this is there time for a new gamer rule? You bet!

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Finally! The boys are back after an unintentional hiatus. In this episode, they tell a bit about where they've been, why they haven't been podcasting, and where they're going (both on the web and in the world). They then respond to feedback, discussing online gaming opportunities, what the numbers on a block mean, hex and counter games, and Command and Colors:Ancients, among other things. Then Moritz, the Head Orc himself, discusses the AH classic Starship Trooper, both the Heinleinian and the Verhoevenian versions. And they close with a special gamer rule just for System Admins.
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In this episode, Jason and Scott discuss (along with Friend of the Show Joe) their respective WBCs. Jason and Scott then give their top 5 games that they'd like to learn (some are older, some newer) in the coming year. Then comes the interview a number of people have been waiting for: Don Greenwood, developer of ASL, Up Front, Breakout Normandy, and, of course the beloved Napoleonic Wars, among others. Don talks about his Avalon Hill days, the WBC and its history, competition in games, the direction and history of the industry as a whole, his history in gaming, and his favorite games. Jason and Scott then talk to a couple of listeners who attended their seminar and Jason comes on with some closing comments and, of course, another gamer rule!

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In this episode, the boys respond to some feedback and give their first look at MMP's A Victory Lost. They also discuss Pseudocon, where they previewed Jerry Taylor's forthcoming War of the Roses, and played some new and some older games (guess which one). Morritz enters another "Orc 2 Orc" segment, this time on the once and future champion of fantasy wargames, Titan. All of this and a new gamer rule!
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Joe and the Boys meander through some feedback, then discuss The Greatest Women in Wargaming. They also talk extensively about Pseudocon's mysterious history and practices. This show is more about tangents than the point at hand, so stay sharp!

They then play their Prezcon interview with the co-designer of one of their favorite games, Rise and Fall, (and recently anointed Greatest Woman in Wargaming) Kaarin Engelmann. Again, in a show about tangents, they talk Rise and Fall, learning to publish games, and wargaming vacation techniques (among other things).

The Best Two Hours in Gaming concludes with a new Gamer Rule! Enjoy!

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In this episode, Jason and Scott update their online gaming (briefly), work through a bit of feedback, and Jason declares Summer '07 his "Summer of Victory." They also play their PrezCon interview with the designer of GMT's Battles of the American Revolution series, Mark Miklos. Moritz Egert offers his first (of hopefully many) "Orc 2 Orc" segment on fantasy wargaming and Keywood Cheves invites everyone IN THE WORLD to his gaming club in Charlottesville. And this time, not even the Jerky Man himself is safe as the boys discuss one of his gamer rules and supply a new one of their own.
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What don't Jason and Scott talk about in the latest of their "supersized" episodes? They talk about their online gaming, Scott's successes and Jason's gaming despair. They give their first impressions of Guilford/Eutaw Springs. They review Combat Commander. Then, to top it all off, they talk extensively to Andy Lewis about GMT, the P500 system, and GMT's recent blockbusters.

Do they still have time for another gamer rule? You bet!


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Another SuperSized Episode for your consumption! Jason and Scott answer some feedback, discuss their online gaming adventures, and, then move into their interview with Grant Dalgliesh, Heir to the Columbia Games, er, fortune.

They talk about Columbia's history, Columbia's future, along with all of those gnawing questions all gamers have about Columbia (for instance, why a "vote" page instead of a preorder page?).

All this and another gamer rule? You bet!

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In this episode, Jason and Scott discuss their online gaming adventures, in particular Scott's smackdown of Jason in Paths of Glory, and their upcoming Napoleonic Wars grudgematch. They also discuss Jason's game with Moritz Eggert of the Dice Tower, along with their respective online tournaments. They then talk to BPA Block Master Ric Manns about the Block Party, his club in Louisville, and Columbia Games' Liberty.

All this and a new listener-supplied gamer rule in this Super-Sized Episode!

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Jason and Scott talk about their respective Prezcon experiences, then talk about the Host Throwdown going on currently between them. They then run an interview with PrezCon director Justin Thompson.

They finish, of course, with a new gamer rule, this one coming from a listener!


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No Scott this episode, as it is a "Jason on the Road" ep. Jason went to VA Beach for something in his non-gaming life and hooked up with the self-proclaimed "brain-trust" of Worthington Games in their corporate offices (I think it was a guest room). Jason talks with Mike Wiley, Grant Wiley and Matt Birchfield about their newest game (Cowboys!), their origin, what we've seen from them, and what we can look for from them. The guys even supply Point 2 Point with their own gamer rule!


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In this episode, Jason and Scott discuss their challenge the world (the world doesn't seem to be taking it) and go through some feedback, including giving some opinions about brick and mortar stores. They then talk about pre-order lists and what they are ordering and what they would like to see actually published. They close by talking about their upcoming cons - WAM for Scott and Prezcon for Jason - and play the last WBC interview, with Justin Thompson, president and director of Prezcon.

And, as always, a new gamer rule!

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Okay, this is it, the first of the wargamers' "All About" shows. Jason and Scott discuss Napoleonic Wars for a LONG time, giving a review (can you guess how many dice?) and then giving an extensive players' guide. Good for the novice and the experienced player. And, of course, a gamer rule tailored for playing the game...

Please note that this show is LONG, and if you burn it to a CD, you will need to use an MP3 splitter (Jason uses the one at http://heathcosoft.com/software/mp3trackmaker/).



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In this episode, Friend of the Show Joe joins the boys as they discuss feedback with an excellent piece of audio feedback discussing competitive play. They accept the challenge of the world and discuss Scott's time at the BPA's "D-Day" tournament (will there ever come another?). Then they offer gift ideas for the gamer (that aren't games!).

And of course, another gamer rule.

More extensive show notes out later in the week with links for shopping!


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In this Episode, Scott and Jason finishing clearing out old feedback. Jason gives a brief news segment, then the boys share their very interesting interview with the CDG innovator himself, Mark Herman. Mark talks about the update of We the People, the Charles S. Roberts Award winning Rising Sun, his online game against the world, and his upcoming game on Vietnam (and, no, you can’t play the Americans). The poll results are announced (there will be T-shirts!) and there is a new gamer rule.


If you’re interested, due to the short nature of this particular cast, Jason added a “bonus track? after the closing theme music – the boys and FOS Joe yukking it up (much at Jason’s expense!) at WBC. Just for fun, really!

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Scott and Jason discuss feedback this episode. LOTS of feedback. The "Lost Episode" is re-done, finally. There is discussion of BattleLore, Viktory II, hex and counter games, non-hex and counter games, blockbusters and innovations. Enjoy, and start sending the boys more feedback!

Oh, and, of course, there's another Gamer Rule!

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Jason only show, but Scott will be back on soon. Jason talks about the website, why it's been so long, and then goes into the interviews. Rick Young has a number of projects on the table, and discusses Asia Engulfed, FAB Bulge, and the origins of Europe Engulfed. Mark McLaughlin discusses Napoleonic Wars, Wellington, and the upcoming Kutuzov. He then discusses his future projects, competitive play in general, and his beloved Princess Ryan's Star Marines. And, as always, a new Gamer Rule.
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In this episode, Jason and Scott update their WBC information (lots of P2P material, some new games, and a re-evaluated room) and discuss the Charles S. Roberts Award winners. They then review the new MMP release, Shifting Sands, designed by Mike Rinella. They then play their WBC interview with Mike Rinella where he discusses his past and current projects, as well as his upcoming releases.

And Scott supplies us with the gamer rule that is the key to all of his winning! (and maybe some of Jason's losing).

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In this episode, Jason flies solo for a brief site and podcast news update, then introduces the second part of the Jerry Taylor interview. Jerry then talks with Scott and Jason about Crusader Rex, his new design projects (including a War of the Roses game), and everything from Diane Rehm to South Park.

Please note that this episode is not "Squeaky Clean" as far as language goes, as it names a certain Penn and Teller show airing on Showtime.

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Point 2 Point Episode 9: WBC Preview Well, Jason and Scott started talking about their favorite convention, the World Boardgaming Championships, and they couldn't shut up! Consequently, this episode is an overview of the WBC, with a great deal of commentary on the games played and the format of the con. Included is a discussion of the Charles S. Roberts Awards. Even if you can't come the con, this episode is filled with commentary about games, designers, and even where and how to eat at a con. Enjoy! Oh, and Scott supplies us with another Gamer Rule!
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This episode brings you part one of our interview with Jerry Taylor, designer of Hammer of the Scots and Crusader Rex. In this part of the interview, Jerry discusses his start in gaming and Hammer of the Scots. Jason and Scott also report on their "Pseudocon" and give session reports and their first impressions of Here I Stand and War of the Ring. All this, a new theme, and, of course, a gamer rule.

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Point 2 Point Episode 7

This episode is heavy on feedback and the conversation it generates. Then, Jason and Scott review Ted Raicer's Phalanx effort, The First World War.

They close, of course, with a new gamer rule!

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In Episode 6, Jason and Scott have their first phone interview with an industry insider: Keith Dalton, Marketing Director for Multi-Man Publishing. They talk ASL, ASL Starter Kit, Up Front, The Devil's Cauldron, Fire in the Sky and upcoming releases, among other things. They also get a glimpse into Keith Dalton the gamer.

And Scott supplies his own gamer rule this time, revealing a bit of his gaming character in the process!

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In Ep 5, Jason and Scott discuss their favorite convention, the WBC. They also give an extensive review of Crusader Rex, share some big news about the show's future, and some interesting news at large.

Of course, they also apologize for the delay.

All this and a new gamer rule!

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In Episode 4, Jason and Scott announce their new website(www.point2pointsource.com), respond to some feedback, and discuss options for playing wargames over the internet. They also answer that eternal question: where WAS Scott during that last episode??? Oh, and, as always, a new Gamer Rule.
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Jason and Scott answer and discuss some listener feedback, then discuss what makes a good gateway to wargaming, offer some suggestions of gateway games, and close with a discussion of potential future wargamers. And, of course, a new gamer rule!
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It seems the problem is over and the podcast can again be downloaded. Sorry about the problem...
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In their second Episode, Jason and Scott review Twilight Struggle, welcome a guest review of The Mighty Endeavor by The Dice Tower's Joe Steadman, argue over their rating system (!), and discuss BPA's Winter Activation Meeting and Card Driven Wargames in general. Also features the first News segment, the first Brick and Mortar Spotlight, and some big news about the podcast!
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There is some problem transferring Ep 2. I am working on it. It will be fixed ASAP.
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:11pm EDT

We will be recording Ep 2 this weekend! The second episode was going to be gateway games, but with our WAM experience, we've decided to discuss WAM and Card-Driven Wargames. We'd love some input on a title or two: Thirty Years War (got RIPPED by one WAM participant, saying the rules are IMPOSSIBLE to understand) and World War II Barbarossa to Berlin (Again, really mixed reviews. Own it, just haven't played it because it seemed to have problems as soon as it came out). Any input? I think we're good on the rest, but I'll update if there are other titles we're missing out on. This ep will have: a review of Twilight Struggle (at least my review, maybe a joint review by both Scott and me), a wargaming news segment, the first installment of our "Brick and Mortar Spotlight," a segment where we do a virtual "walk-through" of a wargaming store (This ep it will be the Complete Strategist in Falls Church, VA), discussion of the characteristics of Card-Driven Wargames, recap of WAM, particularly our experiences, and discussion and introduction of particular Card Driven games and their appearance at WAM. I think that will do us! Ep 3 will be the gateway games ep. Ep 4 will (tentatively at this point) be either "All About Rise and Fall" or a discussion of online wargaming (whichever ep. we go with, we plan on having our first guest!)
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Our first show! Scott and Jason discuss why they're podcasting, and how their hobby of wargaming differs from other boardgaming hobbies. Scott and Jason discuss their personal likes in games, define wargames, introduce the Boardgame Players Association, and introduce a weekly feature, the Gamer Rules.
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