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Jason and Scott discuss various aspects of wargaming...

In this episode, Jason and Scott respond to some feedback and discuss their recent gaming. They then offer a detailed review of GMT's Command and Colors Ancients. Jason also interviews Lys Fulda about her role at Avalanche Press, the philosophy of Avalanche, and some controversial box art. Oh, and, of course, her possible inclusion in the prestigious Greatest Women in Wargaming.

And, of course, the latest Gamer Rule.



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In this supersized (the biggest yet!) episode, Jason and Scott answer some feedback, talk about their recent games, and review Battleground: Fantasy Warfare, the card/miniatures game. Jason interviews Adam Starkweather, the man behind the International Game Series from MMP, and discusses what goes into an IGS game, the history of IGS, and where IGS is going. They also talk about the much anticipated The Devil's Cauldron. Moritz asks us to think about what in historical games is really "fantasy," and this sparks Jason and Scott to talk about historicity in games in general.

With all this is there time for a new gamer rule? You bet!

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Finally! The boys are back after an unintentional hiatus. In this episode, they tell a bit about where they've been, why they haven't been podcasting, and where they're going (both on the web and in the world). They then respond to feedback, discussing online gaming opportunities, what the numbers on a block mean, hex and counter games, and Command and Colors:Ancients, among other things. Then Moritz, the Head Orc himself, discusses the AH classic Starship Trooper, both the Heinleinian and the Verhoevenian versions. And they close with a special gamer rule just for System Admins.
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In this episode, Jason and Scott discuss (along with Friend of the Show Joe) their respective WBCs. Jason and Scott then give their top 5 games that they'd like to learn (some are older, some newer) in the coming year. Then comes the interview a number of people have been waiting for: Don Greenwood, developer of ASL, Up Front, Breakout Normandy, and, of course the beloved Napoleonic Wars, among others. Don talks about his Avalon Hill days, the WBC and its history, competition in games, the direction and history of the industry as a whole, his history in gaming, and his favorite games. Jason and Scott then talk to a couple of listeners who attended their seminar and Jason comes on with some closing comments and, of course, another gamer rule!

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In this episode, the boys respond to some feedback and give their first look at MMP's A Victory Lost. They also discuss Pseudocon, where they previewed Jerry Taylor's forthcoming War of the Roses, and played some new and some older games (guess which one). Morritz enters another "Orc 2 Orc" segment, this time on the once and future champion of fantasy wargames, Titan. All of this and a new gamer rule!
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Joe and the Boys meander through some feedback, then discuss The Greatest Women in Wargaming. They also talk extensively about Pseudocon's mysterious history and practices. This show is more about tangents than the point at hand, so stay sharp!

They then play their Prezcon interview with the co-designer of one of their favorite games, Rise and Fall, (and recently anointed Greatest Woman in Wargaming) Kaarin Engelmann. Again, in a show about tangents, they talk Rise and Fall, learning to publish games, and wargaming vacation techniques (among other things).

The Best Two Hours in Gaming concludes with a new Gamer Rule! Enjoy!

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In this episode, Jason and Scott update their online gaming (briefly), work through a bit of feedback, and Jason declares Summer '07 his "Summer of Victory." They also play their PrezCon interview with the designer of GMT's Battles of the American Revolution series, Mark Miklos. Moritz Egert offers his first (of hopefully many) "Orc 2 Orc" segment on fantasy wargaming and Keywood Cheves invites everyone IN THE WORLD to his gaming club in Charlottesville. And this time, not even the Jerky Man himself is safe as the boys discuss one of his gamer rules and supply a new one of their own.
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What don't Jason and Scott talk about in the latest of their "supersized" episodes? They talk about their online gaming, Scott's successes and Jason's gaming despair. They give their first impressions of Guilford/Eutaw Springs. They review Combat Commander. Then, to top it all off, they talk extensively to Andy Lewis about GMT, the P500 system, and GMT's recent blockbusters.

Do they still have time for another gamer rule? You bet!


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Another SuperSized Episode for your consumption! Jason and Scott answer some feedback, discuss their online gaming adventures, and, then move into their interview with Grant Dalgliesh, Heir to the Columbia Games, er, fortune.

They talk about Columbia's history, Columbia's future, along with all of those gnawing questions all gamers have about Columbia (for instance, why a "vote" page instead of a preorder page?).

All this and another gamer rule? You bet!

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In this episode, Jason and Scott discuss their online gaming adventures, in particular Scott's smackdown of Jason in Paths of Glory, and their upcoming Napoleonic Wars grudgematch. They also discuss Jason's game with Moritz Eggert of the Dice Tower, along with their respective online tournaments. They then talk to BPA Block Master Ric Manns about the Block Party, his club in Louisville, and Columbia Games' Liberty.

All this and a new listener-supplied gamer rule in this Super-Sized Episode!

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Jason and Scott talk about their respective Prezcon experiences, then talk about the Host Throwdown going on currently between them. They then run an interview with PrezCon director Justin Thompson.

They finish, of course, with a new gamer rule, this one coming from a listener!


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No Scott this episode, as it is a "Jason on the Road" ep. Jason went to VA Beach for something in his non-gaming life and hooked up with the self-proclaimed "brain-trust" of Worthington Games in their corporate offices (I think it was a guest room). Jason talks with Mike Wiley, Grant Wiley and Matt Birchfield about their newest game (Cowboys!), their origin, what we've seen from them, and what we can look for from them. The guys even supply Point 2 Point with their own gamer rule!


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In this episode, Jason and Scott discuss their challenge the world (the world doesn't seem to be taking it) and go through some feedback, including giving some opinions about brick and mortar stores. They then talk about pre-order lists and what they are ordering and what they would like to see actually published. They close by talking about their upcoming cons - WAM for Scott and Prezcon for Jason - and play the last WBC interview, with Justin Thompson, president and director of Prezcon.

And, as always, a new gamer rule!

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Okay, this is it, the first of the wargamers' "All About" shows. Jason and Scott discuss Napoleonic Wars for a LONG time, giving a review (can you guess how many dice?) and then giving an extensive players' guide. Good for the novice and the experienced player. And, of course, a gamer rule tailored for playing the game...

Please note that this show is LONG, and if you burn it to a CD, you will need to use an MP3 splitter (Jason uses the one at http://heathcosoft.com/software/mp3trackmaker/).



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