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He did it! In his ongoing challenge to himself to publish 12 podcasts in 2011, Jason is back on track with his SECOND episode in June (just barely)! In this slightly truncated episode, Chad offers a review of Lock 'n Load's White Star Rising in his (newly named!) segment. Jason gives some wargaming news and responds to some feedback. He then discusses his recent gaming and the surprisingly limited wargaming at Pseudocon this year. He also offers his first impression of Runewars and dodges the question of "what is a wargame?" He also talks about Dominant Species and Middle Earth Quest, which he in no way considers wargames. Has the wargaming podcaster gone soft? Judge for yourself!

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This episode finds another guest reviewer submitting a segment; Chad, better known as Grimnir, offers a discussion of the Command and Colors system as a whole, along with a review of Command and Colors: Napoleonics. Jason also works through some feedback and news and discusses the games he's been playing lately. Jason also discusses an interesting geeklist that changes the lens through which we look at wargame rankings. This inspires him to look at some other ways of looking at the data. Which list best represents the best in wargaming? Be sure to check out this month's poll and offer your opinion. 

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Jason flies solo again, and can't seem to shut up! Over TWO hours in this solo ep. Jason addresses feedback where he announces the first ever CONTEST for P2P! Then he covers the last month (plus some) of news that fit to print--er--say. He also gives a rundown of things to consider when rating components, along with some "anchor" games that are examples of each "dice-level" rating. After this comes a full review of the GMT block game Hellenes. He also talks over some recent gaming (meeting New Years resolutions so far!), spotlights a pre-order from MMP (along with begging for some of his favorites to be pre-ordered) and announces a new geeklist and poll.

Enjoy! Two hours is a lot, but who can ever have enough P2P??

Send contest entries to point2pointpodcast@gmail.com

Note: Affiliated Geeklist to appear on BGG on 2/27/11

poll: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/blog/220


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Jason flies solo for this new episode of P2P. He talks about a number of games including: Hellenes, Hearts and Minds, Command and Colors Ancients, Combat Commander Pacific, and Asia Engulfed, among others. He also gives his current top ten list and his hot ten list. He introduces some new segments, including a pre-order of the month. This month he focuses on GMT's first design in the Fighting Formations series, a game focused on the Grossdeutschland Division. After the credits, you are welcome to stay tuned for an "Extra Point," a non-gaming segment that will appear from time to time after the credits.

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What? The boys are wrong? Say it ain't so!

In this episode, Jason and Scott each pick a game that they were perhaps too harsh about. For Jason, it is Combat Commander: Europe, and for Scott it is Twilight Struggle.



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Remember the good old days when Point 2 Point actually in production? Well, of course you do, because those days are BACK!

Jason and Scott give a review of Richard III and detail the gaming they have been doing in the summer of 2010, including Pseudocon XXI and WBC 2010. Games discussed include Europe Engulfed, Hellenes, Perikles, and Combat Commander, among many others. They even probe Scott's odd love of the Euro-Cooperation game, Battlestar Galactica.

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In their latest podcast, Jason and Scott discuss their time at WBC, from the people they encounter to the nice hotel across the street where they stayed. Oh, and, of course, the games. They discuss Paths of Glory, Napoleonic Wars (of course), Wilderness War, Hammer of the Scots, Crusader Rex, Warriors of God, FAB Bulge and Conflict of Heroes, among others (Pizza Box Football? Battlestar Galactica? Have the boys gone soft on us?).
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Yep, they're back. With Scott's return from his travels and Jason's slight lightening of his workload, the boys who love wargames are back and talking about the past six months in their gaming lives. They discuss Paths of Glory, Wilderness War, Napleonic Wars 2nd Edition, Hammer of the Scots and Command and Colors Ancients among others. Jason also recaps his Prezcon experience and Moritz offers a review of Pursuit of Glory, the new PoG.

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Jason and Scott return with a review of Victory Point Games's Napoleonic 20 Series, with a specific look at Waterloo 20.

Also, for those of you interested, stay tuned after the end music for the full WBC recap.


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After a long hiatus and some technical difficulties, Jason and Scott bring you a Moritz and ASLSKFan driven episode. This episode features Moritz talking about the frustrating exceptions that are a staple of wargame rules design. And ASLSKFan gives an excellent interview with Chas Argent, contractor to MMP for ASL designs.

Enjoy! And it shouldn't be too long before the boys are back!
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