Point 2 Point
Jason and Scott discuss various aspects of wargaming...

In their latest episode, Jason and Scott talk by phone about the Boardgame Players Association's Winter Activation meeting. Scott shares his performance, his encounters, and his opinions about this annual card-driven wargame convention. Jason and Scott then offer up contributions from their favorite Bavarian, Moritz, who talks about the fantasy game Divine Right, and a new mini-series offered by point2pointsource.com's own ASLSKfan, Mark Zielenski. Jason has an extensive interview with John Kranz of Consimworld about the history and ideas behind the website, his opinions on other websites, his gaming tendency's, and the dream that is the Consimworld Expo. They close the Best Two Hours in Gaming with a new, listener-inspired Gamer Rule. Enjoy! 

Please note three sound issues with this episode: Jason's phone discussion with Scott has a voice modulation issue early on. ASLSKfan's first contribution is a bit staticky. And toward the end of the John Kranz interview, a mysterious hum pops up for about 5 minutes. Is this due to the jamming equipment of the Eurogame Empire, or is it Jason's relative inexperience at sound editing and recording? You decide!

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