Point 2 Point
Jason and Scott discuss various aspects of wargaming...

Jason flies solo again, and can't seem to shut up! Over TWO hours in this solo ep. Jason addresses feedback where he announces the first ever CONTEST for P2P! Then he covers the last month (plus some) of news that fit to print--er--say. He also gives a rundown of things to consider when rating components, along with some "anchor" games that are examples of each "dice-level" rating. After this comes a full review of the GMT block game Hellenes. He also talks over some recent gaming (meeting New Years resolutions so far!), spotlights a pre-order from MMP (along with begging for some of his favorites to be pre-ordered) and announces a new geeklist and poll.

Enjoy! Two hours is a lot, but who can ever have enough P2P??

Send contest entries to point2pointpodcast@gmail.com

Note: Affiliated Geeklist to appear on BGG on 2/27/11

poll: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/blog/220


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