Point 2 Point
Jason and Scott discuss various aspects of wargaming...
We will be recording Ep 2 this weekend! The second episode was going to be gateway games, but with our WAM experience, we've decided to discuss WAM and Card-Driven Wargames. We'd love some input on a title or two: Thirty Years War (got RIPPED by one WAM participant, saying the rules are IMPOSSIBLE to understand) and World War II Barbarossa to Berlin (Again, really mixed reviews. Own it, just haven't played it because it seemed to have problems as soon as it came out). Any input? I think we're good on the rest, but I'll update if there are other titles we're missing out on. This ep will have: a review of Twilight Struggle (at least my review, maybe a joint review by both Scott and me), a wargaming news segment, the first installment of our "Brick and Mortar Spotlight," a segment where we do a virtual "walk-through" of a wargaming store (This ep it will be the Complete Strategist in Falls Church, VA), discussion of the characteristics of Card-Driven Wargames, recap of WAM, particularly our experiences, and discussion and introduction of particular Card Driven games and their appearance at WAM. I think that will do us! Ep 3 will be the gateway games ep. Ep 4 will (tentatively at this point) be either "All About Rise and Fall" or a discussion of online wargaming (whichever ep. we go with, we plan on having our first guest!)
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